Way Law PLLC prefers flat rates. The distance between lawyer and client increases in direct proportion to the uncertainty the client feels about legal fees. Flat rates align the goals of client and lawyer placing our focus on results. Legal services are an investment, not an expense, and should help a business secure its future, including through their cost.

We can represent you either as your retained general counsel or for single matters.

General Counsel

We provide our services in flat rate tiers based upon annual legal needs, with even, monthly installments providing clarity and certainty to a small business’ budget. These are customizable to your needs, but our standard tiers are:

  • 24 Annual Hours of Service $450/month
  • 32 Annual Hours of Service $550/month
  • 48 Annual Hours of Service $800/month

Single Matters

Single matter fees vary based upon the nature of the project.

  • Business Formation & Start-Ups, Starting at $350
  • Governance, Starting at $750
  • Business Contracts & Transactions, Starting at $250
  • Leasing, Starting at $250
  • Business Acquisitions & Sales, Starting at $1,000
  • Regulatory Compliance, Starting at $250
  • Website Terms, Starting at $750
  • Non-Profit Counsel, Starting at $1,500