Business Acquisitions & Sales

business acquisition attorney

Whether you are considering purchasing another business, or you are considering selling your business, you need legal help. There are contracts to be reviewed, agreements pertaining to competition, and costs and other considerations which must be negotiated.

Virginia Business Acquisition Attorney

When purchasing a business, you need to ensure your interests are protected. In addition to the agreements reached with prior owners, you will also want to make sure any inventory, equipment, and real estate included with the business is clearly spelled out in an agreement. You will also want to make sure the terms of the purchase clearly state the prior owner’s responsibilities and your responsibilities.

Business Sale Contracts & Agreements

When selling a business, you want to ensure the agreements and contracts which are put into place are clear. In addition, you want to make allowances for any responsibilities the new business owner has agreed to take on as part of the acquisition. Our business acquisition attorney can help ensure the proper language is included in the contracts before you finalize them with the new owners.

Whether you are buying or selling a business in Richmond, Virginia Beach, or Northern Virginia, you can count on Way Law PLLC to help protect your interests and make sure contracts clearly spell out all of the terms of your agreement.

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