Business Transactions & Contracts

A contract is only as good as the strategy underlying it. Our mission in writing a contract or reviewing a contract is to understand your goals and prepare a contract that helps you achieve them. Whatever your goal is, we can help.

Drafting Proper Contracts

Whether you need a contract for an employee, a contractor, or a new vendor, you want to ensure your business is protected. We understand the requirements for Virginia contracts and can help ensure the terms of the contract follow the law, minimize the risks to your business, and provide proper escape clauses.

Business Transaction Assistance

We understand there are often complex transactions which may require the assistance of a skilled attorney. Whether a transaction seems straightforward or complicated, the contact may have a long-term impact on your business. We can help make sure any transaction you are involved in will not create additional risk to your business.

When you need assistance with contracts, you can count on us. Whether you are being asked to sign a contract, or you need a specific contract drawn up, contact Way Law PLLC.