Serving as General Counsel

We understand most businesses do not need a full-time attorney on staff. However, there are numerous issues including workforce management, intellectual property matters, and contract matters which often require assistance from a qualified general counsel attorney. This is one of the reasons why so many local businesses turn to Way Law PLLC.

Legal Strategy

Way Law PLLC’s general counsel focuses on designing a cohesive long-term strategy for your business so that every decision you make is well informed and brings you closer to achieving your goals.

General Counsel for Richmond, Virginia Workforce Issues

When you are hiring a permanent workforce and independent contractors you need to ensure you are classifying them properly and following IRS rules. We can help make sure you have structured those relationships properly to prevent violations.

We also help with creating policy manuals covering issues like hiring, supervision, and termination of employees. We will help with the drafting of necessary employee handbooks as well as helping you manage the risks associated with wrongdoing by company workers.

Protecting Company Intellectual Property

Your intellectual property including your tradename, internal documents which are specific to your operations, and your domain name require protection. We can help ensure you have filed any necessary documents to ensure your intellectual property is not used by another company or individual which could harm your brand.

As general counsel, there are many ways we can help you including reviewing and drafting contracts, working on required language for your website, and assisting with issues with business partners. If you own a business in the Richmond, Virginia Beach, or Northern Virginia area, contact Way Law PLLC for help with all your legal needs.

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