When Do I Need a Nonprofit Lawyer?

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There are special rules that apply to nonprofit organizations. Whether you need help applying for tax-exempt status, for a private foundation, public charity, or a social welfare organization you can count on us for help.

What Does a Nonprofit Lawyer Do?

Once you have obtained your tax-exempt status, there are specific compliance issues you must abide by including filings with the state, tax law issues and more. Failure to follow the proper procedures including tax filings or required state filings could result in the loss of your tax-exempt status which can be problematic when reaching out to potential donors. Since you depend on the goodwill of your donors, it is imperative you don’t lose credibility because you have missed a required filing.

Hire a Nonprofit Lawyer

Instead of running the risk of filing the wrong paperwork, missing important deadlines for required state and tax filings, you can turn to Way Law PLLC. We have had years of experience helping for-profit and non-profit businesses with a broad range of issues including contracts, risk management, and regulatory compliance. Instead of running a risk of creating unnecessary issues with your nonprofit status in Richmond, Virginia Beach, or Northern Virginia, contact Way Law PLLC today and let us help.

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