Lawyer for Website Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policies & Compliance Strategies

Most business owners believe they need only set up their website and fill it with content, overlooking their terms and conditions and privacy policy. These documents lay out what you expect of your user and what your user should expect of you. We take time to understand you, your user, and the environment you’re creating, making your website’s terms a framework for your success.

Terms & Conditions Lawyer

Your website’s terms and conditions must be clear for the average user. They must also contain specific language regarding what action a web user is allowed, or not allowed to do while on the site including copying information. We can help you draft a proper terms of service for your website to protect you and your business.

Privacy Policies

If you collect any type of data online, including names, email addresses, credit card information, etc. you must fully disclose how that information will be used. You must also specify when and under what conditions this information may be obtained by law enforcement. There is also language which must be included regarding access of your site to children.

There is far more to building a website than simply hiring someone to do the design work and populate the content. Contact a terms and conditions lawyer at Way Law PLLC and let us help you draft the proper documents for your website and advise you of any issues you could face regarding language used on your site.

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